School District Websites

Wingman Consulting specializes in websites for School Districts, Athletic Departments and Individual Sports Teams.  In fact, Wingman has provided consultation at the Intermediate School District level to help multiple schools within communities reach their goals.  

Communities invest in their schools so we have joined in. Our school website framework has customized solutions to meet the unique needs of local schools. Wingman makes sites that are modular, simple to manage and provide the type of tools  that schools need to communicate with parents, students and their community. Our mobile  responsive designs ensure that visibility is maximized especially when it comes to our notification services. We have done our homework and are are ready to provide a website for your district that gets an A+ Grade.


Madison School District’s Strategic Plan states, “Madison School District will improve community and stakeholder engagement through enhance communication via the District website”. Accomplishing this goal may now occur thanks to the assistance of Matt Garno and Wingman Consulting. Staff at Madison met with Matt to plan and prepare various aspects of the Website. His guidance and support led to a seamless launch of the new Website. District staff and stakeholders are now able to enjoy numerous benefits of this progressive Website. The District will continue to utilize this valuable tool to improve community and stakeholder engagement.

Ryan L. Rowe
Superintendent – Madison School District