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Matt Garno was my Football Coach in school and now is my “Coach” when it comes to branding my business.  His company, Wingman Consulting has helped me brand my business from the beginning.  Matt has worked with me to create a brand that is well known in Lenawee County and in the Barber Shop Community throughout the United States.  You can see my brand in the local community and schools, and shared amongst Barbers online.  Matt has created all of my business and personal designs including logo, graphic and website design.  Currently, Matt and Shan are working with me on expanding into text messaging services for Barbers and other web/branding services.  

Matt’s creativity and abilities as a graphic designer along Shan’s amazing coding talent make them a combination that is second to none.  They allow Mirage to continuously grow our brand and open the door for other opportunities.  Wingman makes this part of the business fun and I look forward to working with “Coach” for years to come.

Manny Rivera
Owner – Mirage Barber Shop | Adrian MI

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