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Take flight with Wingman Consulting located in Adrian, Michigan.  Wingman specializes in Website and Graphic Design along with Group Text Messaging and Mobile App Solutions. Our team has worked together for 10 years allowing us to develop solutions for Business, Education and Community. It is our goal to be your total solution through Consultation, Branding, Web and Mobile Solutions.  

Flight Plan

Wingman provides consultation to ensure that you are making the best decisions when branding your business and working with online and/or mobile solutions. We call this your “Flight Plan”!  Too many times we have come across businesses that are paying for services they do not need or are not following best practices. When investing in an online and/or mobile solution for your business, you want someone who can provide you with the services you need while also giving you information to protect you in an unfamiliar environment. 

You’re on Our Radar

In our industry distance is not a factor as we do business locally and throughout the United States.  If you are in driving distance we can meet with you onsite or you can schedule a time at one of our two convenient locations.  Our Adrian meeting location is at Common Point in downtown Adrian.  Our Ann Arbor office is located in Atria Park just off of US 23.  If you are not in range we use various methods to communicate and make you feel like you are right there with us.  Contact Wingman today for a free initial consultation. 

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